New implementations in Paracas

New implementations in Paracas

January 25th, 2017


Last January 24th, 2017, Profonanpe made a field visit to the Paracas National Reserve, along with one of the members of its Directive Council, SERNANP authorities and Pluspetrol Peru representatives – members of the Paracas Fund administration fund – in order to meet the latest implementations at the protected area in infrastructure, safety, sanitation and management of the reserve in general.

During the visit, the group stopped at several control post inside the reserve, as well as the new touristic resources that were implemented during the last year, thanks to the support of MINCETUR. In addition, an important part of the visit was to learn more about the activities related to mariculture inside the reserve, always in coordination with the fishermen of the area. The visit included stops at the surveillance and control post of Karwas, Tunga, Laguna Grande – recently built by SERNANP –Santo Domingo and Lagunillas; and visits to the scenic overlook La Catedral and the beaches Supay, La Mina and Raspon.

In representation of Profonanpe participated Alberto Paniagua, Executive Director; María del Carmen Cerpa, Administration and Finance Director; Claudia Godfrey, Development and Supervision Director; Cynthia Céspedes, Development and Supervision Specialist; and Charles de Weck Member of Profonanpe’s Directive Council. On behalf of SERNANP participated Pedro Gamboa, Head of the institution; Pamela Salazar, responsible of the Tourism Unit; and Juan Carlos Heaton, Head of the Paracas National Reserve and the one in charge of the organization and tour. Finally, there were also present Luis Daniel Guerra, Government Affairs Manager; and Christian Virrueta, Institutional Relations Head, both representatives from Pluspetrol Peru.


About the Paracas Fund

The Paracas Fund was born through an interinstitutional cooperation agreement between Profonanpe, SERNANP and Pluspetrol Peru, for the implementation of programs, projects and activities that are included in the Master Plan of the protected area.


About the Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve is one of two protected areas that shelters representative samples of our marine coastal ecosystems. It is located in the Ica department, in the sea waters and the provinces of Pisco and Ica, and has an extension of 335 000,00 hectares. It is estimated that within the reserve there are around 216 species of birds, 36 of mammals, 10 of reptiles, 168 of fish and a large number of invertebrates that belong to the initial part of the chain that inhabits this place. The main scallop bank (Agopecten purpuratus) of the country is located at the Independencia bay, where you can also fins other important varieties of crabs, winkles, octopus, sea urchins and other mollusks.

Source of information: SERNANP