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  • In the last 15 years PROFONANPE has released around 50 publications which include Master plans, field studies, guidebooks and many others.
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Latest News

Two new Environment Conservation Areas in our country!

Yesterday, there were declared as Environment Conservation Areas (ACA for its acronym in Spanish), the “Cerro Shipago” and the zone of “Condorpuna – Vilaya”; by the Provincial Municipality of Utcubamba and the Provincial Municipality of Luya, respectively, in collaboration and with the assessment of the Pronanp Project, from where Profonanpe is part, the NGO Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional (NCI) and the Management of the Environmental Regional Authority (ARA for its acronym in Spanish). Continue reading here.

Latest news from the COP21

Paris, December 10th.- During the last few days, there has been several meeting and conversations, aiming to reach a global agreement for climate change, nevertheless, they haven’t been enough in order to reach a consensus that could be legally binding. Continue reading here.