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  • In the last 15 years PROFONANPE has released around 50 publications which include Master plans, field studies, guidebooks and many others.
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 Latest News

Award Ceremony for the 2015 winners of the Conservation Prize Carlos Ponce del Prado

Last Thursday, August 27th, it was held at the NM Hotel the Award Ceremony for the winners of 2015 corresponding to the seventh edition of the Conservation Award Carlos Ponde del Prado. This award was given by the Blue Moon Foundation, Conservation International and PROFONANPE. Read more here.
Green Fund accredits PROFONANPE as one of the seven first institutions enforcing outstanding fiduciary, environmental and social standards.   

The Green Climate Fund’s Board accredited the first seven organizations -on of them PROFNANPE- that will channel resources and finance programs and projects aimed at climate change adaptation and mitigation.

A detailed due diligence of the certified organizations took into account their enforcement of high fiduciary, environmental and social standards. Read more here.

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