Financial balances and investment

Here are the pictures of implementation of major global projects Profonanpe manages and / or executed until the first half of 2016. The budget for the project is considered, progress in 2014 and 2015 carried out the execution.

  • Project: Agreement for the Conservation of Tropical Forests - ACBT

    Fuente: US Government

    En: S/.

  • Project: Mitigation of deforestation in Brazil nut concessions in Madre de Dios

    Fuente: GEF/BID

    En: US$

  • Project: Strengthening sustainable management of the National Reserve System Islands, Islets and Capes

    Fuente: GEF/BM

    En: US$

  • Project: Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation through the National Protected Natural Areas Program (PRONANP)

    Fuente: KFW/GEF-BM

    En: Running 2016 (In US$)

  • Project: Effective management of protected natural areas - SINANPE III

    Fuente: Germany

    En: US$

  • Project: Sustainable Management of Protected Areas and Forests of the Northern Sierra del Peru - INKAÑARIS

    Fuente: GEF/FIDA

    En: US$